Engine and
Turbine Heat


Worldwide a large share of energy is generated by single cycle gas engines or turbines without the use of their waste heat. We can use this waste heat to produce extra power without using more fuel.


Of jacket water temperature is enough to prodcue extra power

10% - 20%

Extra electrical power can be generated with our ORC-units from reciprocating engines and gas turbines

50 - 70%

Of the input fuel is converted into heat in gas turbines and reciprocating engines

Commonly engines and gas turbines emmit a large portion of unused thermal energy. In some cases this heat can be used externally for process heating. Most of the time however this waste heat can not be used. In these cases our ORC-units offer the ideal solution for extra power generation.

If only jacket water heat is available, we can offer the ideal solution with our screw expander based low temperature ORC-units. These machines are perfectly suited if warm water with temperatures as low as 85°C is available. For power ranges from 300 up to 5.000 kW we offer containerized units for extra power production.

If hot exhaust gas with temperatures exceeding 280°C is available, we can offer our turbine based high temperature ORC-units. With these machines we can produce extra power with extra high efficiencies. At the same time it is possible to use these units for extra power generation even when maintaining high hot water temperatures.

Typically our waste heat to power ORC-units can be applied in the following examples:

  • Open cycle gas turbines and engines
  • Biogas engines
  • Gas engines and turbines that deliver hot water but do not have a high temperature heat consumer
  • Gas engines and turbines that are supplying high temperature hot water but want to increase the overall plant efficiency
  • Waste heat from engine jacket water
  • Waste heat from engine exhaust gas