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The ORC "Organic Rankine Cycle" - is a thermodynamic process where a low-boiling, organic substance circulates as the working medium instead of water. With this medium a maximum of work can theoretically be extracted at temperatures as low as 65° Celsius and pressures well below 20 bar.

With Organic Rankine Cycle systems, it is possible to economically convert even small sources of thermal energy into electrical energy. Additionally Organic Rankine Cycle systems are especially well suited to convert thermal power into electricity on low temperature levels.

Due to the special thermodynamic properties of the synthetic Organic Rankine Cycle working media, it is possible to generate electrical energy from waste heat, geothermal energy, the thermal utilization of biomass or solar thermal sources.

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Lowest Temperature usable for power generation

20 - 15.000kW

Power range of our solutions

160.000 h

Typical design lifetime of our equipment

Low Temperature ORC-Systems

While it is not economically possible to utilize thermal energy on temperature levels below 100°C with a water steam cycle, the ORC is perfectly suited for this task! We developed a highly efficient, reliable and cost effective solution for converting low temperature reservoirs into electricity.

For thermal powers ranging from 100 kW up to approx. 5.000 kW we use screw expander ORC-systems. With these machines we can seamlessly size our units from an electrical power output of 20 kW up to hundreds of kilowatt per frame to perfectly fit your requirements.

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High Temperature ORC-Systems

Oftentimes heat is available on temperatures well above 100°C. Examples can be exhaust gas flows from engines or industrial processes or excess thermal oil from firing systems.

When your heat source is available on this high temperature level, we use highly efficient and self-developed turbine based ORC-systems. With these machines it is possible to optimally utilize the high enthalpy heat sources for maximum electrical efficiency as well as for the production of high temperature heat for combined heat and power applications.

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With the opportunity to offer our low and high temperature ORC-systems as a one stop supplier, we are able to always offer the ideal heat to power solution to your requirements. No matter where your heat is coming from!

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